Since 1986

Boca Grande Restaurant is a unique Mexican experience. The hallmark of our cooking emphasizes fresh, healthy food characterized by distinct but subtle flavors indigenous to the Oaxaca region of central Mexico. Our recipes are original and come from a special source in Mexico. These time-honored recipes will affirm just how our method of cooking, which is best described as simple and healthy grilled fare, combined with Mexican spices and natural flavors, will keep you coming back for more.
We at Boca Grande are committed to serving fresh, healthy food that is well balanced and nutritious as well as being flavorful and interesting. None of our dishes or recipes contains any chemical preservatives or processed food items. All of our sauces and marinades, including our hot sauce, are made on the premises with fresh ingredients.

How We Prepare

All our food is made fresh daily. Each day, early in the morning, Jose cooks the beans and rice for the noon time crowd, while preparing our fresh pico de gallo of chopped tomato, onion, and cilantro. Just before the rush, Our crew prepares the lime infused salsa, which is just slightly picante, and our rumored best-in-town guacamole made from grade A Hass avocados. A few minutes before noon, our fresh flour and corn tortillas arrive, sometimes warm. About the same time Maria turns on the steamer, and fills it with an assortment of vegetable and chicken tamales that she has made with the fresh masa. Then the marinated meats, chicken and vegetables are skillfully grilled on our open pit throughout the lunch hour. After lunch, we begin again, and prepare for dinner.


Authentically Mexican Food

We’re sure that a Mexican restaurant, especially if it’s the only such staple in an Alaskan city, must look, feel and taste authentic! Our cooks put a lot of focus on rolling out an as wide range of traditionally Mexican, spices & fun induced menu items, as possible!


Fun & Festive Atmosphere

While one thing that Mexico is known for its spicy, nutritious and colorful food, the other one is its festivity! Our restaurants are located in fun, friendly neighborhoods! Our interior is bright, fun, clean and always friendly!


A Down to Earth Pricing

At Boca Grande Taqueria we decided that our menu and it’s ingredients should always be fresh and down to earth. That’s the reason as to why our restaurant has such a reasonable, down-to-earth pricing for all of our menu items! On top of that, we always throw in some special discounts.